Vibratory Stress Relief - Resonant Vibration Method
for Reducing Residual Stresses in Welded or Machined Fabrications


Customer List


A sampling of the thousand of companies using

Alcoa Aluminium
Canron Ltd.
Hem Tex Fibers
Firestone Tire & Rubber
Crenlo Mfg.
Dayton Rogers Mfg.
Di-Arco Inc.
Decatur Mold
General Motors
Avco Systems
Emerson Electric
Cameron Iron Works
Northrop Corp.
Ameron Corp.
Browne & Sharpe
States Engr.Co.
Onan Corp.
Avco Lycoming
FMC Corp.
Kennecott Copper
Eastman Kodak
San Juan Coal
Martin Marietta
Ingersoll-Rand Co.
Thiokol Corp.
Excello Massie Tool & mold
Cessna Aircraft
Pioneer Astro Ind.
Waukesha Bearing
Aeroquip- Aerospace Div.
Delaval Separator Co.
Stone Safety Corp.
Mitsui – Japan
Ferio Del Pacifico –Peru
Delco Remy
Holstein-Kappert – Brazil
Hydraulic Research
Fluor Ocean Services
Aerojet-General Corp.
General Electric
LTV Vought Systems
Cincinnati Milacron
Ingersoll Milling Machine
Gleason Works
Minster Machine
Combustion Engineering
Cellier S.A. – France
Jones & Lampson
Eaton Corp.
Gallmeyer & Livingston
Thompson Metal Fab.

National Electric Coil
United States Army .
Johnston Pump
Storm-Vulcan, Inc.
Lockheed Aircraft
Link Belt Co.
McNally Bharat – India
Yale Industrial Products
Oscar Mayer & Co.
Mold-Matic Co.
Reliance Electric
Dae Woo -Korea
Southern Railway Co.
Walt Disney World Ent.
Bell Helicopter
Gates Rubber
IRD Mechanalysis
Cambell Grinder
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Hyundai Shipbuilding - Korea
Lawrence Livermore Labs.
Mitsubishi Motors-Japan
Rockwell International
Superior Steel Prod. Corp.
Taiwan Power Co.-Taiwan
Bullard Co.
Teledyne Casting Service
Uddeholm Steel-Sweden
Gates Learjet
Marathon LeTourneau
Gould Pump
Brown & Root, Inc.
Dow Chemical Co.
Dake Corporation
American Hoist Company
Mixing Equipment Co.
Great Northern Paper
Wean United
Accurate Mold-Canada
Whitaker Corp.
Xerox Corp.
Burlington Northern R.R.
Jetline Engineering
Le Blond Makino
Marine Industries Foresteel Div.
Ecolaire Canada, Ltd.
Citroen - France
Aerospacial S.A.-Brazil
Chrysler Corp
American Can Co
McDermott Dubai – Saudi Arabia

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